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Business Benefits


Business Benefits From Influencer Reach

Your customers purchase from people they trust. Their favourite manager in a store, a beloved celebrity, or their best friend are all making an impact on your customer's decision to buy your product. Wouldn't you like access to all three of these people in your customer's life? Now you can work with the people your customers trust the most. We'll help transfer some of that trust to you.


Ferry reach short-term campaign

Contest, special promotion or sale? Let customers know what your business is doing with the help of the influencers they trust. Sign up for a short-term campaign over the next 4 weeks. 


Ferry reach long-term campaign

Reviews, news and increased views are all the results of effective long-term campaigns. Engage with influencers who speak directly to your audience. Conduct a campaign for 12 weeks.


Ferry reach custom campaign

A unique business needs a unique campaign. Work with a digital strategist to create a custom campaign for you.