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Entrepreneurs come from diverse backgrounds and circumstances. The reasons that motivate them to get up every morning are as varied as they are but the one thing that remains the same is their ability to embrace creativity, uncertainty and opportunity with grace.

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“You can start from the bottom and build something amazing.”

I never thought I could run my own business, never thought it was an option. My goal with the Entrepreneur Store is to encourage and support others to pursue entrepreneurship as an option. The unstable economy demands that you develop entrepreneurial skills. You never know when you'll be out of a job. You are never too old or too young. You can be a mom, dad or have other responsibilities. You can do it! You can start from the bottom and build something amazing. 

— Nicole

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“I never thought I would come out on the other side...”

Getting divorced sucked! Starting over sucked! However, I have something that I never imagined I would gain: confidence. Confidence so strong that I know I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, run a business and build a brand. I am not gonna lie, I never thought I would come out on the other side as this no non-sense woman that's a complete savage about my happiness. Despite being in the beginning stages of this new journey I am super excited to use my talents to help others. I've spent too long fighting with myself trying to do what's considered "right" and not what makes me happy. 

— Shea

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To any entrepreneur: if you want to do it, do it now. If you don't, you're going to regret it. 
- Catherine Cook, co-founder of MyYearbook

I don’t ever remember a time when I didn’t want to be a “boss.”

Now, I’m so happy to look around and see women that look like me owning and succeeding in their own businesses. It reminds me that my dreams of “doing my own thing” isn’t weird and that success is possible. 

— Taniqua

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I will and forever will be an entrepreneur.”

The hustler, the artist, and the boss lady inside me loves the thought of my hard work and effort being transformed into profit/income for me and the family. The quickest path to extra income in the home for most millennial moms is the path to entrepreneurship and starting something fruitful on your own. 

— L'esha

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Being born into a family of entrepreneurs is empowering in itself.

This is not just a shirt I’m wearing it’s a brand, a movement, a calling, my purpose all that was expressed in my stride.

— Indigo

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“There is greatness in each of us and discovering the 'why' will make way for the 'how'." 

As for me, I thrive each day to be the best entrepreneur I can be. I look for opportunities for building, growing and supporting other budding entrepreneurs around me.

— Nathalie

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"When I first launched, referrals were my largest source of revenue!"

I'm teaching from experience. I'm also the a fan of supporting other small businesses so some of these mistakes I've noticed in others around me.

— Kyshira

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