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Decide, pursue, succeed.



I started my business out of desperation when I couldn't find a job. Although I had worked for many years before, had a degree and now a post-graduate certificate no one was hiring me. I tried selling my knowledge and services in marketing and public relations and it worked! Slowly and painstakingly I started to build a business. Lots of trial and error, many many hours of unpaid work, networking and investment later I am proud of what I have accomplished. Eventually people noticed the good advice, blog, vlog and assistance I was providing for their businesses and they started to pay me for it.

I'm very proud of the work I've done with Black Leopard Public Relations. I never thought I could run my own business, never thought it was an option. My goal with the Entrepreneur Store is to encourage and support others to pursue entrepreneurship as an option. The unstable economy demands that you develop entrepreneurial skills. You never know when you'll be out of a job. You are never too old or too young. You can be a mom, dad or have other responsibilities. You can do it! You can start from the bottom and build something amazing. This is my 'why'. I wish someone had planted this idea in me when I was younger, when I was down, or when I felt trapped. Everyone needs help, let me do that for you.

Be proud of who you are and your potential to do meaningful work. You are an Entrepreneur.